Jefferson County PMR


Preliminary Date: July 25, 2012

Case Number: 09-08-0840S


 Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM)

Index Panel  08059C0050F  08059C0070F  08059C0075F  08059C0084F 08059C0088F 

08059C0089F   08059C0091F  08059C0092F  08059C0093F  08059C0094F  08059C0103F 

08059C0111F  08059C0113F   08059C0150F  08059C0175F  08059C0176F  08059C0177F 

08059C0178F   08059C0179F  08059C0181F  08059C0182F   08059C0183F  08059C0184F

08059C0186F   08059C0187F   08059C0188F  08059C0189F  08059C0191F  08059C0192F 

08059C0193F  08059C0194F 08059C0201F 08059C0202F  08059C0203F  08059C0204F 

08059C0206F 08059C0207F  08059C0208F  08059C0211F   08059C0212F  08059C0213F 

08059C0214F  08059C0216F  08059C0218F  08059C0235F  08059C0245F  08059C0255F

08059C0260F  08059C0261F  08059C0262F  08059C0263F  08059C0264F  08059C0270F 

08059C0276F 08059C0277F  08059C0279F  08059C0281F 08059C0282F  08059C0284F 

08059C0286F 08059C0287F  08059C0289F  08059C0291F 08059C0292F 08059C0293F 

08059C0294F 08059C0301F  08059C0302F  08059C0303F 08059C0304F  08059C0306F

08059C0308F 08059C0311F  08059C0312F  08059C0313F  08059C0314F 08059C0320F 

08059C0335F 08059C0355F 08059C0360F  08059C0365F  08059C0370F 08059C0380F 

08059C0382F 08059C0384F 08059C0385F 08059C0390F 08059C0395F 08059C0401F 

08059C0402F 08059C0403F 08059C0404F  08059C0406F  08059C0408F  08059C0411F  

08059C0412F08059C0415F  08059C0420F 08059C0435F  08059C0445F  08059C0465F  

08059C0470F  08059C0500F  08059C0525F  08059C0590F  08059C0600F  08059C0650F 



Preliminary Flood Insurance Study (FIS)

08059CV001B 08059CV002B  08059CV003B  08059CV004B  08059CV005B   08059CV006B   08059CV007B   08059CV008B


Preliminary Summary of Map Actions (SOMA)








085079_Prelim_SOMA_Wheat Ridge


Letter of Map Revision (LOMR): 

A LOMR is a determination which reflects an official revision to an effective National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) map. LOMRs are issued in place of the physical revision and republication of the effective map.  A LOMR may change flood insurance risk zones, floodplain and/or floodway boundary delineations, planimetric features, and/or BFEs or flood depths. The LOMR becomes effective on the date shown on the determination document.

The appeals process for LOMRs includes a formal notification of the change and requires it be published in the local newspaper and Federal Register as soon as possible.  Additionally, the appeal process requires that LOMRs are available for public review.  As a result, the LOMRs listed below have been made available for public review and comment.  Any comments supported by scientific or technical data should be forwarded to your community’s Chief Executive Officer. 










Community Contact Information

As with other similar projects undertaken by FEMA and partners in support of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), the primary community contacts are the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Floodplain Administrator (FPA).

The CEO is an elected official of a community (e.g., Mayor, Board of County Commissioners Chair or Chairman, County Council Chair or Chairman) who has the authority to implement and administer laws, ordinances, and regulations for that community.

The FPA is the community official who is responsible for implementing and enforcing floodplain management measures and for monitoring floodplain development. Floodplain management is the operation of a program of corrective and preventative measures for reducing flood damage, including, but not limited to, emergency preparedness plans, flood-control works, and floodplain management regulations.

The CEO and FPA names generally are available on the community Websites. Links to the community Websites appear on the County pages. The links to the County pages are provided in the “Overview of Project in State” section above.